Friday, June 16, 2006

Happy Romney Fluff!

I've been busy lately, and I'm going to try to do some massive multi-posting to catch up!

Here is the romney fleece I bought nine years ago, drying happily in my gazebo, about 10 days ago. Don't ask why it took nine years to wash, when the fleeces I've purchased recently are already picked and drying and hey only arrived day before yesterday!

There's been a little spinning in my life: here's the first yarn spun and plied on my new wheel, casually reposing in the thyme shrub in my garden. (Isn't my thyme healthy?)

And looky what I found in the chives! It's one of the first skeins I ever spun! And the only one I ever spun in the grease (hey - everyone experiments, and I actually got excellent consistency!) It's the romney fleece (that thing keeps popping up everywhere, doesn't it?)
And here's a lock of said Romney, reposing on my wheel, also showing off the spinning that was current 10 days ago. I did say I was majorly behind in posting, didn't I? I love that crimp! This fleece was so clean, I've never had to card it, just spin straight from the locks. There's not a lick of vm in this thing. I've never regretted this particular fleece. Bought all 4.5 pounds, and wish there was more. The color, the crimp, the cleanliness... gorgeous!

The current spinning was an another experiment in what-was-in-storage, and sort-of matches what I did with the same roving years ago. There might be enough singles spun up of this wool to make short socks.

One of my pet peeves is experimental yarn that is too short to do anything useful with. I hate having little skeins of this and that hanging around. I'd much rather spin up 3 pounds of something than 3 ounces of each of multiple somethings. The muliples might be fun for a while, but the frustration of having all those nearly-useless skeins drives me insane. I'm not creative enough to come up with new and interesting uses for them. I'm too traditional to mix things up too much. I like plain and boring. Except for socks. Socks must be flashy, fun, bright, or otherwise smile-creating. Right now, for instance, I'm wearing store-bought socks but they're white with red and pink ladybugs the size of dimes all over them, and I wore them with Mary Janes. To work. With khakis and a red short sleeve cotton sweater.

My Little Boy is taking after me. He favors socks with sports depicted on them, or my handknits in fun colors, including the ones he dyed himself. He wears the plain white or navy last, an only if he runs out of everything else.

Come to think of it, it sort of runs in my family. My mother and sister also tend toward fun and cheerful socks, though they don't have the handknits (yet). I dress the most conservatively of all of us, and I tend to the brightest socks. Mom matches hers to her outfits.

And on a totally randomly different note: I received my Dye-o-Rama sock yarn from my buddy on Wednesday! I photographed it, and my camera promptly ran out of juice just when I went to download. The only reason you see photos today is because I uploaded them days ago, and never got around to adding the text. Tomorrow, Buddy, I will rave about your beautiful yarn, and we can marvel at the wonder you created! Thank you!

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