Thursday, July 20, 2006


I'm sorry for absences and for misunderstandings and for emails not returned and for comments not responded to.

My computer at home needed a re-install of the operating system as a "patch" to get me through until it gets re-formatted and every single program I use gets re-installed. It has now been backed up (took all night, says little brother, the 17-year old computer geek), but it is not fixed. It is related to a a failed upgrade of a Microsoft product, and the result is utter destruction of many of my programs and random behavior of a previously wonderful computer!

As a result, I have not accessed my email in about a week or so to respond to comments or emails, and haven't posted for lack of time and computer access. I'm sneaking this one in!

As for the misunderstandings: The wiki does already exist. I have been working on it (before the computer issue). It is not yet linked to the blog, as I don't feel it is in a state to be seen by others. It's pretty bare. I have this feeling that we're all so accustomed to Wikipedia's completeness, that the sparse beginnings of something like this will look pathetic and weak. I want to have a framework of entry balnks in place for people to start filling in, have topic pages linked together, as well as the page of instructions for editing for those who aren't accustomed to the syntax/code. (Not hard, just a little different) If you would like to help set up the framework, drop me an email or comment, and I'll send you the link. I hope to have a link here on the blog in another week or two so we can all start in on entries.

I'm getting excited. I have dozens of blog entries in my head. I have dozens of beginnings of wiki entries in my head, as well. I'm finding that the hardest part is deciding where to start. The entire world of historic clothing and textiles: what's Step One? It's a little overwhelming!

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