Friday, August 25, 2006

I'm Back!

Wow! I've been gone a long time, haven't I?

I can hardly believe I've been absent for more than a much has happened in that time! Let's see...

I went to Madison, WI for the International Conference on Mercury as a Global Pollutant. It was held at Monona Terrace, a building designed by Frank Lloyd Wright. Absolutely gorgeous. I learned so much about mercury that I wasn't aware of, which is frightening since I work with environmental mercury every day! There's a major problem out there, and we need to face the facts.

I saw cows.

I bought yarn at the LYS.

I went out with other mercury folks to a Bier Haus after hours.

We shared.

I flew home under orange alert. Fun.

Played with my son for a week while intermittantly house-shopping.

Brought home my new weaving loom.

Went to Iron River, MI for my grandmother's funeral.

Saw giant sinkholes from underground iron mines. In one of the piles of rubble on the right, there's a car from when the thing collapsed a few decades ago. Just to give you an idea of size.

Found the LYS in Iron Mountain. She designs all her own patterns, and everything is knit in the round.

And now I'm home. Tired.

And I moved over Labor Day weekend.

Good thing I don't own a lot of stuff!

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