Friday, October 06, 2006

More caffeine, please

The last few weeks have been rough.

We're still unpacking boxes and washing mold spores off of things.

I'm still working through the mountain of laundry in the basement. It's finally small enough to fit in 3 laundry hampers!

I have the bedrooms under control. At least I did, until we got the latest round of hand-me-downs from a friend at school (we're in this neat little network of pass-around clothes: just pack up what's too small and not worn out, and pass it along to your designee in the next grade down. Fabulous! And with the uniforms at our school, it saves a TON of money!) Now there's a huge pile of clothes in Little Boy's otherwise-clean room.

The kitchen is clean, and has stayed that way, uncluttered and box-free for over a week. I have counter space!!!!!

The main problem areas remaining are the dining room and living room. The middle of the house, where everything migrated. I'm trying to get to at least one box every day. Or a pile. Or something to make some progress. It's slow going with the washing of objects.

I have a job still. It was touchy for a few weeks there, with the end of one government contract and the new one not having been granted. I'm not in a mood to discuss the new contract, but I'll leave it at I'm Not Entirely Happy with the new contract. If you feel the need for details, you'll have to email me. Sorry.

Little Boy has been behaving badly at school.

I'm tired.

I woke up not feeling well this morning.

And I have no sick time, because my job "just started", even though I've been here for 2 years.

I love contracting.

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