Tuesday, January 02, 2007

Happy Birthday!!

Today my Little Boy turns 7 years old.


The last year has been eventful, and he's grown up so much!

He "graduated" from kindergarten.
He started first grade.
His marks have gone from almost all "Needs Improvement" to "Improving" and "Satisfactory".
His ADHD was recognized, and now seems to be under control.
He learned to read. Well.
He can write almost anything he wants to write.
He learned to knit.
And spin.

He spontaneously taught himself to ride a 2-wheeler one day.
And now loves to ride everywhere. Fast.

He performed in his first theatrical production.
He transitioned to his own bedroom with a door that closes.
He outgrew his nightlight.

He lost his first tooth.
But not his second.

He grew almost six inches taller.
Practically overnight.

He got to drive a lawn tractor.
Go to a steam show.
Went to the Renaissance Festival.
Started learning to play tennis.
Learned to swim.
Went to a swim meet.
Played his third season of soccer.
Helped fix a four-wheeler.
Rang in the New Year.
And helped move from one house to another.

He has learned so much, and grown in so many ways!

My Little Boy is a loving, helpful, generous, and bright child. I'm so pleased that he is the child God chose to give to me.

Happy Birthday, Sweetie!

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