Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Nearly-solitary confinement



Little Boy has conjunctivitis, aka pink-eye.

Knitting time has been limited and frustrating, as I keep having to rip out what I knit. But then again, I'd rather find mistakes before finishing a piece... I almost have to force myself to knit right now.
That, and my downtime has been consumed by my newly-functioning toy:

Yeah, I know I need a bench. And yes, it's in my living room, right where "normal" people would put a couch. I love it! (And it irritates my mother to no end...)

I'm having fun. I've been playing with the warp that came on it, as I haven't bought the pieces for the warping mill yet (it's missing the crossbars that hold the pegs)

But look what I've done!

All that blue and red, and some white, as well. Cotton warp, cotton weft. Worst case scenario I get a bunch of ugly kitch towels to wear out and eliminate the evidence of my learning to weave.

I changed the tie-up again, to match "A Handweaver's Pattern book", as I found the warp was patterned, and I found it in the book. I've been playing with pattern weaving, and trying to remember treadling patterns long enough to repeat them a few times without mistakes. And I learned how to fix some mistakes.

I still don't consider it "finished". I have yet to replace the tie-ups for the harnesses. And I want/need to replace the aprons. They're really rotten old canvas. And I need the warping mill parts. And I may consider replacing one piece of the beater, as it's warped and beats a little crooked. But it works.


OK, I've been working on my paper since 5am, and Little Boy wants his breakfast now.


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