Monday, March 05, 2007

Next...on Lifetime!

Ever have one of those days? When you're sure you must have been caught up by mistake in a made-for-TV drama? I would say it felt like a soap opera, but nobody slept with anybody else's husband/boyfriend/girlfriend/wife or came back from the dead after a tragic demise.

It's been one of those days.


Is it really still Monday? Is it still the same life I've been living? Maybe my office-mate is right, and I attract drama...

Whatever it is, please send prayers, good energy, and kind thoughts over in the direction of southeast Michigan, because I know some folks who really, really need it over here! I can't say more than that, without violating privacy.

I'm tired.

*hugs* to all. I've given so many since Saturday morning...

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Renee said...

Alrighty - good thoughts going to Southeast Michigan right now. Hope things look a little less surreal soon. Hugs back at ya.