Friday, July 13, 2007

Soy Silk

I've been spinning, as I have mentioned previously, soy silk.

I have fallen in love with the spinning of soy silk.

It's beautiful, spins like a dream, flows right through my fingers and onto the bobbin into a fine thread all by iteslf. Plying was so quick, it was like dreaming.

What a joy to spin! (Thank you, Beth, for throwing that wad of fiber at me!!)

Yes, it's fuzzy. Just pretend that you're seeing it through my tears of joy :)

That's the plied yarn: 2-ply. I spun all four ounces, 2 ounces onto each bobbin (roughly - I didn't measure or weigh, just grabbed. When it looked like about half, I went to the other bobbin).

After plying, here's what was left:

Not too bad, huh?

And, the finished yarn:

I love it. The drape is amazing! It's light, fine, and heavy all at the same time. There's about 650 yards there. And the colors in that last one look pretty accurate: jewel tones all running together in the plying, sometimes in sync, sometimes not, always beautiful.

I'm thinking: scarf?

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Renee said...

Well look at THAT! That's amazing. I have so much more appreciation for people's spinning since I discovered how easy it is to produce overspun crap and how hard it is to make real yarn, let alone real gorgeous-take-your-breath-away yarn. I so need lessons.