Monday, August 13, 2007

I'm such a dork

Shall I prove it to you?

  • I finished the baby sweater for my nephew-to-be (T-1 month and counting!) and blocked it yesterday. The fronts and back are all different sizes. I have to rip a front and the back. After measuring, only one panel is the correct length. Had I even posted that I was knitting a baby sweater? Or that my sister is expecting?
  • I've been on Ravelry for over a month. I have pictures and stats and friends and everything. but I never posted it. I'm listed as Erika. (I can't resist being first-name-only when the opportunity arises. It is not, however, convenient for finding me as the HistoricStitcher.)
  • I realized this week that I've never given you any justification for being the Historic Stitcher. I am planning some posts.
  • I haven't yet figured out how to answer comments since Blogger switched to the "new and improved" format. I'm contemplating Typepad.
  • I'm making big honking posts over at the Wardrobe Refashion
  • and totally neglecting to say anything about it
  • I'm making huge changes in my life, getting rid of unnecessary possessions by the boxload, cleaning, eliminating clutter...and I'm not posting it. I have no excuses.
  • I finished spinning a half pound of superwash wool into DK-weight 2-ply. No pictures. Did I even mention I was spinning it?
  • I'm well into knitting Clapotis from handspun soysilk. Again - did I mention this?
  • I have a huge, massive, research-intensive secret project going. I can't blog it. I can't share it outside the 2 others who know about it. It takes up a freaking huge amount of my time and creative energy. thanks, Beth and Kate, for getting me started on this! I can't stop it! It haunts my sleep!!!!
  • My old and somewhat cranky cat was losing weight and crying pitifully. $600 later, and minus 5 infected teeth, he feels much better. My wallet feels a lot lighter, too.
  • My mother retired. She lives 2 miles away. She's a triathlete. She may as well be next door - I see her daily now, and she calls me at least 3 times a day, more on the weekends. And I am completely and utterly unable to tell her "no".
Is there any hope for me??


Beth said...

You should really let us know all of this stuff. We are all wanting to know these things - even those of us who call you Erica.;-)

Kate A. said...

I have an idea. Make your mom your research assistant.

I'm SO SO SO excited that you're working on the Secret Project!!!!! Yay! Yay! Yay! I'll even forgive you for not blogging about the other stuff earlier....but only if you post pictures of all of it. Soon.

(Look at me, giving orders, and I haven't even blogged about Allegan yet...)

Obsidian Kitten said...

IS there a way to answer comments on the new blogger?

i've had a dreamhost account since last december and have yet to get wordpress to work so i can be i'm such a luddite. (not to mention a dork)