Monday, November 26, 2007


I've been absent, as several of you have reminded me, for far too long.

I have become a victim.  Of my own elevated expectations.

"I'll blog when I get the rest of the materials together for this discussion"
"As soon as I get those pictures downloaded from the camera, I'll post"
"No one wants to read the mundane minutiae of my life!"
"They'll understand - I've been busy"
"I hate to post an incomplete topic!"
"No post is better than an unprepared one"

And so on...

When the fact is I write at least 2 posts in my head every day!

But to face reality: I'm not a heavy picture-taker.  It's an effort beyond my already barely-making it patience and energy to photograph everything I would like to post.  I have lots of scattered ideas about history, textiles, and the like that I dream of posting as complete topics, but I never have the time to gather materials, cite references, and organize.  It could easily be a 2-6 hour endeavor just to make a post!  I had every intention of posting M-W-F when I started this blog.

So what do you think about random, not-too-well-organized posts?  Too eclectic?  Too unreadable?  Too...what?

After all - I probably should have named this blog "The Storehouse of Useless Information" - a moniker I've had (and my mother before me) as long as I can remember.  (And yes, we're great at Trivial Pursuit!  Used to have family competitions, 3 generations/side until my grandparents (and Pop) passed.)

I have so much I want to say!  SO many things to write!  Can I do it one blog-page at a time?  Or should I be writing small books every time I post?

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Kate A. said...

Me too!!!

You should post whatever the heck you feel able to post, as soon as you feel the urge to do it. We'll happily take what you have to offer, and wait for the time when you're ready for more.

And I'll try to take my own advice some of the time. :-)