Friday, December 21, 2007

Crafty Update

We've been busy.

I finished this first project a while ago, but didn't get any photos of it. This is the Peapod Baby Sweater, from Interweave Knits, made for my sister's first child. Now that little Felito* is a whopping 2 months old, he's outgrowing the 3-6 moths size I made for him! He's a darling, and I'm having a blast knitting for him! Baby socks are done so fast - and are a great use for leftover sock yarn!

Yes, he's a very serious baby.

And my Little Boy has been weaving. He wove a washcloth for his teacher for Christmas (his attention span was a little short for a whole towel) and gave it to her yesterday at the class party.

He wanted to give her an apple, too, so we wrapped the apple in the cloth, pulled the corners up, and tied it into a little bundle with red yarn.

I'm very proud of how nice his selvedges were! There's a few loops and things, but not bad for a kid who has to stand to weave because he doesn't weigh enough to press the treadles while sitting! (In fact, for a while there, I was sitting behind him pressing treadles, while he stood in front of me throwing the shuttle and beating.)

I finished socks for myself (!) last night, and wore them to work today. You're getting camera-phone shots of those. In my office. Deal with it.

They're Monkey socks, by Cookie A. I used some potluck colorway of Cherry Tree Hill sock yarn that I purchased from the now-defunct Destash page. I have tons more of it. The colors don't show well in the photo, but they're forest green, orange, gold, and maroon. And really comfy.

All of the Christmas weaving is off the loom, and I'm hoping to get hems in tonight. I'll take pictures before I give everything away! (When I'll get to posting them...that's a different question!)

I'm working a short day today (school lets out early and there's no one else to get my Boy) and Monday was declared a holiday by our President, so I'm leaving before lunch for a 4.5 day Christmas holiday!

Happy Friday!!

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monica aka gloria patre said...

Happy New Year to you & the little man! Love the crisp new look of your blog! He's an impressive weaver! You have every reason to be proud! Cute little Peapod sweater too! Cheers!