Monday, December 10, 2007

One Thousand (and Two)

years in the making.

Designed a thousand years ago.

Perfection in it's complicated, yet simplistic design.

Marking hours, not minutes, seconds, or nanoseconds, it comes from a world so different from ours, and yet so much the same.

Wearing votive candles for weights, until ice melts and gives access to stones to replace them.

It counts to a beat of its own - 36 ticks to the minute. Slow, graceful, it swings the candles from side to side, drawn by the weight of the beans and rice (?) (Again - curse the quarter-inch of ice covering the island!)

I built it. It works. It keeps time.

I coulnd't be more thrilled - I built a working clock! From wood! It took me 2 years, total, with some neglect in the middle.

I couldn't even wait until the weights were proper to share with you my joy. I wish I could share the resonant tick-tock so welcome in my home. (But that video would be quite boring, I'm sure - watching the clock??)

So to distract you from my random joy in a clock with only one hand (my son is a little baffled by that one...) I give you the random back end of a car we saw the other morning on the commute to school. My passenger took the photo during the traffic jam to use the bridge.

It was quite the amusement that morning. We decided it was laughing at us! (Note the little snowy ears...)


bellamoden said...

I can't believe you -made- a clock! Wow!

Kate A. said...

Awesome. Really, literally - awesome.

monica aka gloria patre said...

Your clock is totally amazing! Bravo! Your post about handmade really hits the nail on the head. "Homemade" is for poor people or people who are too cheap to buy good stuff - what a whopping huge lie!! It has been one of my pet peeves all my life! Thanks for saying it nice and loud!
And as a fan of your blog, random posts are fine - it's just nice to hear how you're doing once in a while...