Monday, January 28, 2008

OK, then!

I think you guys spoke quite clearly in your silence!

I'm not sure what's up, but I apparently alienated my entire reader-base!

What's up?  Too much?  Not what you were expecting?  Not enough?  Too wordy?

Well, I've had one (verbal) request to show cut and sewn hose in real-life.  So that's coming in the near future.  I dug through the fabric stash and found a suitable fabric that should nto only photograph reasonably well, but will show the grainlines at the same time...

Thanks to all who commented on my finished projects lately.  Most of those are photos of long-finished things that never quite made it onto the blog for one reason or another.  I'm still not sold on the beige-ness of the Faroese shawl, so it sits for now.  It will make a wonderful gift, it will not be homeless and unloved forever!


Renee said...

I've been a bad blog reader lately so I'm just now reading about the hose. Interesting topic. I'd like to see more. I'll try and be a better reader from here out.

Anonymous said...

I thought it was very interesting and very much enjoyed reading it. As I know little about historic costume I maintained a respectful silence and did not say anything when I had no knowledge to contribute. I would be in favor of you sharing more of your knowledge if you would enjoy that.

Kate A. said...

I just haven't been keeping up on my reading for a while now, some I'm just getting here now.

Although I would also add that when you cover something so completely, authoritatively, and fascinatingly, sometimes there's not much left to say but, "wow, thanks!" :-)

historicstitcher said...

Thanks for letting me know you're still here! I appreciate it!

You guys are the best part of blogging!!

monica aka gloria patre said...

The info on hose was fascinating - my mom sews period costumes for theater so I was very interested! I too, spend too much time online but your blog is worthwhile-online-time. Love hearing about the little Man too! (maybe it's because I have several of my own!) Don't be sorry about taking time of blogging in favor of real life - it IS kind'a important! Enjoy the rest! Looking forward to having you back later! Cheers!