Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Lots going on!!

So - where was I?

1. Mom is still on her bike trip, loving it, and seeing some great sites. She's also getting over food poisoning (along with 14 others on the trip), discovering it does sleet in the desert in summer, and getting the hang of blogging from her phone. (I still go in and fix all the sideways photos for her, though.) Go Mom!

2. I have an ETSY SHOP!!!!I'll be listing this 20-oz batch of yarn as soon as I make myself sit down and count the yardage. It's gorgeous three-ply, worsted weight, worsted spun wool. And it all matches. Shouldn't even stripe.

3. Sitting at dinner tonight, my Little Boy asked what the hummous was. I told him "chickpea puree".
LB: "chick pee poo-ray?"
Me: "yup"
LB: "You mean they collected chick pee and pure-ayed it so we could eat it?!?"

4. I think I'm at the post office too much when the postmaster asks how Mom is and where she's currently at on her ride. I had help packing boxes, though. Meet Sinatra (aka New Kitty). She's the young and playful one around here. Claimed my Boy as hers.

5. Time disappears really fast when you're taking care of two 1-acre yards, flower beds, a pond, a parent, and a kid. And spinning. And school is about to let out for the summer. And I still work full-time (haven't found a cure for that yet). Can I distract you from my lack of finished objects recently with a picture of some of the socks I finished this winter and spring?I made my knitting group at work take off all their shoes so we could get an artistic shot. Don't worry - we all had our socks on underneath!

6. We have venomous spiders in Michigan. I didn't know that. Until one got me. It's interesting to watch the changes in the bite every day. I'm fine, but it's on my right index finger, so I can't spin or knit. Couldn't have got the right pinky, could it?

7. My Little Boy made his First Communion. I wore Clapotis. I didn't mean to match his dad. It was NOT intentional! Just creepy.

8. We grow enormous babies in my family.

That's my eight-year old with my sister's eight-month old. Notice their heads are nearly the same size? Yeah. Both of them. Enormous.

9. I don't think there is a nine. I'm too tired to remember. let me know if I missed something, will you?

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Gloria Patre said...

That yarn looks really great! I'll watch for it in your shop!
Way cool socks pic! It looks like you had fun making the shot!
Congrats to your little boy! Nice suit!