Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Who killed August?

I don't know about you, but I turned around and August was gone. I find that sad. Very sad.

August is a fine time of year, the climax of the summer, the whirl-wind of getting it all in before school starts again for the winter...August is Summer. And in a few days it will be gone.

I've been running around, all over the place, sailing, knitting, travelling, and have a stack of pictures to share. I've been thinking alot, changing my perspective on a number of topics, de-cluttering at every opportunity, and working to eliminate unnecessary stress and stuff from my life and home.

It seems to be working - I notice that life is smoother and less fraught with frustration than it was before. Can I keep it that way?

And now, I give you the marker of Home. The sight seen on sailing north in Lake Erie to return to my island. The Detroit River Lighthouse: a marker of the shipping channel for over a hundred years, and a beacon of light to sailors through foul weather and fair.

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