Wednesday, September 03, 2008

Busy-ness Abounds!

This week has been an adventure all it's own.

Sunday afternoon until Monday afternoon I sat for my sister's 11-month-old little boy.  He's a busy little thing!  He's crawling and pulling up, and doesn't l;ike things to be on horizontal surfaces within his reach.  He'd far rather they be flung to the floor with great enthusiasm.

Monday afternoon we had a lunch for said sister's birthday.

My Little Boy was gone all weekend with his dad.  They went to the farm in Indiana and to the Michigan Renaissance Festival.  He was one tired and cranky child when he came home Monday evening!

Tuesday was the first day od school, and as is our tradition now, I took him to school, picked his up again, and took the rest of the day off.  We went out to lunch, bought his new gym sneakers, got him some new socks (how is it that socks and underwear all disintegrate at one time, suddenly?).  Then we went to the giant produce market out by the airport, where I spent only $51 on over 100 pounds of produce!

Therefore Tuesday evening was spent washing, chopping, blanching, and packing 80% of the produce we brought home.  I actually enjoyed it!  I frose everything.  I wish I still had my canning supplies, but they went to the Auction Barn in Indiana a long time ago (not with my permission!).  So I'm in the market again for canning supplies, if you know anyone with the equipment who doesn't use it anymore...

I spent part of my "spare" time this weekend sorting the last unwashed fleece of the year (a Primitive shetland from Windswept Farms) and beginning the washing process.  I also dumped out what's left of the first fleece I bought from them in December 2006 for the Boar's Head festival and sorted it.  I had previously been grabbing random handfuls from the bag and spinning from the locks.  Now I have in my head that I want to spin for (a few) Alice Starmore project(s).  I love her designs.  But I don't want to buy more yarn.

So I'm in this...phase...I guess, where I don't want to purchase more yarn, I want to spin for everything.  Maybe it's backlash from knitting the gansey for Bill (which is only 2.5" from having the back finished to the shoulders!  The front is already there!!!)  I want to spin the yarn, and dye it, and knit something in many colors.  For me.  I'm getting tired of dark navy blue fingering yarn knit on 2.5mm needles for a grown man.  Don't get me wrong - I love the sweater, and I know he's going to wear it well, I just want to work on something else now.  I've been at this for 2 years, and I have quit the distractionary projects (like socks) and buckled down to it.  Which is why there's only 2.5" before I three-needle bind-off the shoulders.  Finally.  Then it's the turtleneck and the sleeves.  And then he can enjoy it forever (or till it wears out, whichever comes first).

It may be busy, but life is good.

And the sweet corn at dinner last night from the market?  Outstanding.

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Anonymous said...


I have some canning jars I will share.

Please let me know when is a good time.

come to Fiber night Monday and I will have a box for you.