Thursday, December 18, 2008

SO tired

I'm so tired I feel sick.

This week has been a nightmare of running, running, running.  Late nights, early mornings, too many committments, and not enough rest.  I'm absolutely exhausted.

I think I'm currently functioning on chocolate, sugar, and caffeine.

And now we're prepping for the second snowstorm of the week.  Some local schools have already called tomorrow a snow day and cancelled school.  I haven't heard yet from my son's school, but rumor among the moms has it that the principal is thinking of calling it before the end of the school day.  We got 7" of snow the other night, expect 11" more tonight, and another round of storms by Sunday morning.  I love it!  It's like when I was a kid!  Unfortunately for me, though, if it's bad enough, my work gets closed and I have to work at home or use vacation time, no paid snow days.  Bah humbug.

No weaving got done last night, though I did detail my road/racing bike.  My mom is trying to sell it.  It's been on the trainer in her basement for a year, and I haven't ridden it on the road in over 6 years.  I bought that bike, that beautiful red Cannondale racing bike, when my son was a baby.  I worked hard and sewed as a contractor to make the money.  I wanted to do a triathlon.  I was running regularly, pushing the stroller while I ran.  I was biking 100 miles a week, most of it on my mountain bike, on hills, hauling 75 pounds of trailer with kiddo inside.  After my car got toalled by the semi(s), I couln't ride it anymore.  It gave me massive migraines.  I couldn't run, either, but that eventually got better.  The biking never did.  I can still ride my mountain bike for up to about 25-30 miles, but the sensitivity of the racing bike is too much and the road vibrations still give me terrible migraines.  So my mom has been helping me by advertising it among her athletic friends, and one of them has a friend who is interested.  This makes me sad on so many levels - like I'm giving up my hope of ever racing, of ever doing a tri.  Because I would never do it on my 38# steel-framed hard-tail mountain bike I got my senior year of college.  I love that bike, too, it's my work-horse, but it's not a racer by any stretch of the imagination.

On a slightly different note, does anyone know how I can convince the Kiddo's kittens that I don't like them as much as they like me??  They have apparently adopted me as 'mom' and crawl into my bed at night, totally displacing my geriatricats, and causing kitty-issues.  I put them in my son's bed, I remove them from mine, I toss them out, whatever, they keep coming back and purring on my feet.  When they're not trying to groom my hair.  Or wrestling on my stomach.  I do not need another night of kittens squealing and rolling around on my while I'm trying to sleep.  They are about to get tossed back into "their" room in the downstairs bathroom at night!


Anonymous said...

It's Sonya. <3

You're not giving things up, love. It's just a transition to a new phase of life.

I have snow here too, although more ice than snow, really. I'm missing you painfully tonight.

Anonymous said...

I do triathlons and I am sure you could find people to do a relay. In fact my friend and I did one a couple years ago where she swam and ran and I rode. Its all about fun.