Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Some days, the cat loses

This has been one of those long, boring, responsible days. Paying bills, going to work, fixing a nutritious vegetarian supper, washing time to knit. And I can't find my socks. Really. Anyone seen a pair of pink/white/grey nearly finished socks in a gallon-size Ziploc baggie?? Neither have I in far too long. It has me tempted to start another pair! I really liked the lost ones, and hope I find them soon. They're the yarn Stephanie brought back for me from her trip to Ukraine/Germany/general area, and I want to wear them!

Of course, leave a child to his own devices while you're sitting at the table paying the bills, and he's bound to amuse himself. That's part of the charm of having the kittens - they all entertain each other.

Unfortunately for the kittens, he's a bit smarter and bigger than them, and her gets ideas.

A hysterically laughing child came running down the stairs chasing a kitten and a flash of orange. It took me a minute to realize that the frantic flash of orange was a kitten. A kitten with an orange bandanna tied to its tail.

He wanted to see if it would chase itself.

The poor thing was a freaked-out wreck by the time I caught it. It was flipping around, trying to lose the orange fabric firmly attached to its butt, and skittering everywhere. Kiddo got sent to his room while I caught and released the orange-butt-victim.

It calmed down after a little loving and cuddling. And its been playing quite happily all evening since, so I assume its not scarred for life, but now I'm at a loss as to what should be the consequence of doing something so...thoughtless and cruel.

Sometimes, having another adult to discuss these things with would be really helpful.


Sonya said...

Sonya says:

He probably doesn't understand that it is cruel yet. Kids that age don't really have that boundary and ethic firmly established yet. He thought it would be fun and therefore thought the kitten would think so too. So just calmly explain it to him and ask him to apologize to the kitten and make sure that he protects them, as they're his responsibility, from any hurt like that in the future.

Julie said...

Was it cruel? Or was it just curiosity or not knowing? I know I've done some stupid stuff, playing with my cat, that I didn't intend to upset her. (There was this sticker incident, once...) I'm a lot older than he is and should certainly know better. I'd say, if it happens AGAIN, now that he knows the result, THAT's when he's really in trouble.

walterknitty said...

I agree with Julie. He's just doing something that kids (especially boys) do sometimes to their pets. It doesnt mean they dont love their pet, they just want to see what their pet will do under certain conditions. My brother and I did some dumb things to our dog because we were curious or wanted to see what he would do. Various incidents involving peanut butter come to mind. A guy I know dyed his white cat with Kool-Aid when he was a kid to see what the cat would do. You sent him to his room so he now knows there are consequences for that kind of behavoiur. Just know that something like that may happen again but if it's explained to him why it isnt nice, he'll probably understand.