Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Swim Meet

We've been running  around like crazy folks this week, with swim practice and meets, and Scout banquet tonight... we're tired, but it's good.  We're getting there, and getting used to the schedule.

My computer at work seems to finally be working, so maybe I can get around to doing what I'm hired to do! It gets more than a little annoying when you're supposed to be working and can't.  I don't like sitting around doing nothing.

Last night was another swim meet for the Kiddo, and it was a stellar one for him!  He swam the best and fastest he's swam yet!  He didn't come in first or anything yet, but he's thrilled that he wasn't the last one in for a change!  He finally figured out that to win he has to swim fast...not like in practice.  He figured it out, and did a fantastic job!  He placed fourth in one event, but I don't remember the stats for the other 3-4 races he did.  I was writing out ribbons.

It's one of the things they do in this league - every racer gets a ribbon for every race, with their name, the event, their time, and stuff written on the back of it.  Three of us moms sat at a folding table on the side of the pool deck and wrote out hundreds (literally) of these ribbons as the kids raced.  There were between 75 and 100 kids there, and each one raced at least 3 times, some of them in relay races where 4 kids raced in turns...meaning there were 4 first place ribbons to fill out, four second place, etc.  And for every kid who raced but didn't place, they get a Participant ribbon with all the same info on it.  My hands are still cramping after writing all those ribbons with cheap-o skinny ballpoint pens!

We got home about 9:00, and he was hungry (of course), I hadn't had supper (after working until it was time to go to the meet), and the cats were screaming at me for their supper.  They were so hungry that Chaka, my old man of a cat, shoved a kitten out of its bowl and ate its food!  Usually Chaka gets fed upstairs as soon as I feed the kittens and Isis, but he couldn't wait.

Tonight is the annual Scout  banquet, so we'll be home late again.

I have no idea when Kiddo is going to get homework done this week!  Thursday is swimming practice again, Friday I work the Fish Fry at church...and then we're back at the weekend.  Craziness!!

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