Friday, April 03, 2009


This morning on the drive to school (I drive a carpool in the am, if I haven't mentioned it before) one of the kids coughed.  I politely reminded her to cover her cough, as we really didn't appreciate sharing.  Which started a whole conversation on "I know your mother taught you to share, but what should you keep to yourself?"

It got icky.

We decided that coughing was definitely a no-share, as were hands, tongues, and opinions.  Then the kids got going, and we ended up with a large category we called Germs, for lack of a better name.  This category included coughs, sneezes, retainers (don't ask), backwash, spit, toilet fluids, and a few other things I think I'm blocking from my memory.  They'd keep throwing out these random gross things, and I'd keep tossing it into the Tongues or Germs categories, and they'd laugh and think of some more.

Yeah, it's gross, but it gets their minds working in the morning.  And it makes sense.  The world might be a nicer place if we all kept our germs, hands, tongues, and opinions to ourselves.

Except with that special someone with whom you _want_  to share tongues, hands, and germs.  But that's beyond the morning conversation for a group of Catholic elementary school kids.  So I didn't bring it up.

An example of an Opinion better kept to myself.

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