Sunday, April 19, 2009

Hair of the Frog

This was a lovely weekend. Little Boy's dad picked him up about 15 hours late, but it got fabulous after that.

Saturday morning, bright and early, I was running to Ann Arbor, MI on fun errands.

First stop: Hollander's! I'm still geeked about bookbinding, so I went out there for some proper supplies. I perused, and ogled, and fondled, and dreamed. I've never seen so much beautiful paper in one place! As a self-identified paper-lover, it was a heavenly experience (I was the kid playing with carbon paper and envelopes, and playing "office" so I could play with stationery and stuff.) I finally pared down my choices to what you see below: some colored waxed linen thread to replace the jewelry hemp/candle wax combo), an awl (instead of a big needle soved in the handle of a sewing tool), some needles sized appropriately for the linen thread, a 3/32" punch for the leather, a book on bookbinding (should probably start learning properly, right?), and a CD/book combo on William Morris designs (I'm exploring some patterns for tapestry). What's NOT in the picture are the enormous sheets of gorgeous paper I bought to play with. Only 4, but they were worth it.
Right outside Hollander's was the Kerrytown Farmer's Market. So I did some of my shopping. Jumbo farm-raised fresh eggs. Fresh bread. Homemade doughnut. Mmmmm.

Then it was off the Trader's Joe's for me, to get the rest of my groceries. More Mmmm.

Spent the rest of the afternoon sitting on the back patio spinning frog hair and getting another minor sunburn.

Can you see that? How about a scale?

Want a real measurement? The smallest line at the top of the picture on the Spinner's Control Card is 40wpi.

That line looks enormous, doesn't it?

I've been spinning for hours and hours this weekend, and I can still see the leader-yarn. I have a four-ounce bag of this lovely dyed silk, that's screaming Peacock Shawl at me (here, for non-Rav folks.) It'll be 2-ply when I'm done. About the weight of sewing thread. The pattern calls for 150g/1500m of laceweight yarn. Think I'm going to have enough? I can't get more.


Mel said...

Sounds like you had a great weekend! Really need to figure out when our schedules will mesh so I can at least CALL you!! That yarn is GORGEOUS!! OMG! *hugs*

Alwen said...

Hollander's! I visited there when I was deeply madly into origami, and got lots and lots of lovely paper.

And! Yet another beautiful blue yarn on a blog!

The themes seem to be: blue yarn and not posting for ages.