Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Making Lists

And getting things done.

I pulled another disappearing act after the huge Saturday post, and have been making enormous progress on the home-organization front.

Sunday was all fun and family and friends, being Easter. It was lovely, and I got my first sunburn of the season while enjoying the sunshine on Mom's patio after brunch.

On Monday, after working all day, we came home and cleaned house, from top to bottom. I tried something a little different with the Little Boy this time, and made each of us a list. On his I listed out each specific action for a chore, and mine was just a normal list. We worked off the lists, and I didn't have to nag him to do stuff, just remind him to choose something else off the list. He could procrastinate on the things he didn't want to do, but I was happy because everything he did do was something I wanted done anyway. So we both won.

Tuesday I fell into a black hole after work and finished reading Lean Mean Thirteen by Janet Evanovich. I've been sucked into the Stephanie Plum series, big time. I started them near the end of February, and finished last night. All of them. Including the "between the numbers" books. When's the next one coming out???

Tonight we tackled the basement. The dungeon. The Place to Shove Crap I Don't Want to Look At. It's certainly not perfect yet, but I have workout space, and a table to do fiber on, and someplace to sit and sew... and a huge pile of stuff to give to charity. Now we're hungry, and I'm tired.

Oh, and remember these guys?

Yeah. They're getting bigger.
The weirdest part about getting the house cleaned up is that I can't seem to get used to it. It's freaking me out a little. I'm not used to this much open space. Seems...weird.


Julie said...

Ha, Janet Evanovich. There's nothing like a brain twinkie when real life is chewing on your butt. She's saved my sanity more than once, when real life was driving me nuts. If you like her, you'll probably like Jenny Crusie. Different level of humor, but still pretty darn entertaining.

I was once buying a Stephanie Plum novel at my local book store, and a clerk who knew me fairly well asked "Ranger or Joe?" and before I thought about it, I said "Can I vote for a threesome?" Thankfully she thought it was funny.

Congratulations on the house clearing. Wanna come do my house next? We move in three, four months and it's expensive to move piles of junk. Sure you don't wanna? I'll make cookies.

Monica aka Gloria Patre said...

freaky? Weird? That's good, right? LOL!! You realize, of course, now that it's spring I'm starting to look at my own domicile with unrest.... sheesh, you're a bad influence!! Hahahahaha!