Tuesday, June 09, 2009

Remember when you were a kid, and it was so hard to keep track of time? You hadn't internalized "time" yet, and summer days sometimes felt like a week, and a week felt like a month?

I've had a few days like that lately.

Friday night, after working all day, I visited a few local garage sales, and discovered that there were lots of garage sales that weekend. So on a whim I decided to drag all the stuff out of the garage that was waiting for donation and slap a sign up.

It worked. I got rid of half the junk stacked in the garage and made a decent sum, as well as knit lots of rows on Gansey, Jr. and got sunburned. All the big stuff disappeared, and I'm not disappointed. Not to shabby for not planning!

Saturday afternoon we went to Mass, since Sunday morning we had to be on the road by 5:30am, which came awfully early. We were scheduled to be water safeties during the triathlon my mom was running Sunday morning (which means we paddle around in kayaks and spot people who bit off more than they could swim). Sunday morning didn't dawn...it thundered. And lightning-ed. And rained.

The race started late, after several "all hands to cars" calls. When it finally started there were 2-3 foot tall rolling waves on Lake Erie, 60F water, and 60F air. I got rolled by the waves twice, another safety got rolled by his own wife (who was swimming and grabbed the side of his kayak) and the double with Kiddo and his Grampa was the only one that stayed upright. Kayak skirts might have helped a little - the waves were rolling over the bow and into our laps! Both times I rolled were from waves washing over the side of the boat and into my lap, swamping the kayak. Fun.

By Sunday afternoon I was whupped. We came home and read on the couch all afternoon before going to bed early. Kiddo slept like a rock.

Yesterday was back to work, then down to my cousin's house to pick up this year's llama shearing!!!!!! I got almost all the crias this time, so keep your eyes open for some wonderful spinning fiber coming soon!

I'm loving the sunshine and cool weather, and happy at the progress on my projects. I managed to get the Kiddo to start clearing out his toys to make room for some new Legos I bought at a garage sale last Friday, since really all he needs is Legos, books, and K'Nex to be happy, and not piles of random stuff he's outgrown. He believes it, and wants the new Legos and I want the space cleared, so we're on the same page, sort of. (And the new Legos were an incredble bargain! A couple of $100+ sets for $14 each!! I bought a bunch...we both like Legos.)

Thank you SO much for all the wonderful stories you've been sharing! If you haven't seen them, please go read the comments from the last Home Arts post - you won't be disappointed! I'm working on the next post in the Home Arts series, and am having so much fun with this! I'm glad you're enjoying it, too!

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So how did your mom do in the triathlon?