Tuesday, February 09, 2010

Sweet Deal on a Loom (and more)

Remember how I said I'd been cleaning out and clearing up? Well, I don't use this loom enough to justify it sitting in my living room, and I've found a lovely little 22" cherry Dorset loom that would be a far better match for me. So I'm selling my loom to make room. It's a bargain for anyone wanting to get into weaving, as pretty much everything you need is right here, and I'll vouch that it works.

A beginner’s setup: $600

45” LeClerc Fanny (vintage 1960s) ($2000+ new)
15 dpi reed ($102)
Around 200 extra heddles still bundled ($22)
One LeClerc boat shuttle and a couple bobbins ($37)
A copy of Davisons’ Handweavers Pattern Book ($50)
A copy of The Weaving Spinning and Dyeing Book ($45)
A threading hook ($10)
A sleying hook ($5)
A Harrisville Designs Warping board ($108)

And I can toss in a couple cones of yarn, if you need it.

The extras alone are worth more than $375!

I’m located in the Detroit Metro area, and will deliver within 100 miles for the cost of gas, or you can pick it up. She does fit in the back of a mini-van, and she can be completely dismantled into a pile of sticks, if necessary.

Pics here.

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