Thursday, February 09, 2012

OK, so I've been busy

I bought a house.

And if you've never fallen down that rabbit-hole, I can tell you it's not easy, especially in the current economy. It's true - the banks don't want to lend money. I had to jump through some crazy hoops to get a house, and I didn't manage it until I'd seen dozens and dozens of houses, made offers on six, and started the mortgage process on three of them.

Two deals fell through due to stupid reasons within the banks. The house I bought was severly under-appraised, and we had to re-negotiate. And I had to find extra cash to bridge the gap.

The result?

A home. And a trashed credit score.

Yup, my credit score dropped over 130 points due to "too many requests in previous 12 months". Of course there were too many checks - the bank did the checking!

Crap. Good thing I don't need to buy anything big right now!

1 comment:

Mel said...

and you STILL have not sent me your new address... =( Glad you are in your new place and I know your credit score will recover soon!