Wednesday, September 05, 2012

2012 so far

OK, so this has NOT been a normal "break" in blogging.  I've been swamped. 

I bought a house in January (started the process in September last year, took that long to wrap things up!), moved in late January, during which I got a death-flu which was suspected of being Norovirus and missed a week of work in a foggy daze on the sofa bed because I was too sick to go upstairs.

February was trying to unpack and find things, as loving friends and family finished my packing and moving while I was delerious.   They packed so much stuff!  When I woke up, there were 250 identical white garbage bags in my garage, stacked 4' deep, filled with everything from my old house.  Packed by proximity.  It took me 6 weeks to find the forks.  I finally found my mixing bowls just this last weekend.

March brought massive company reorganization and my layoff notice, with the provision to continue going to work until late April.  Started stress-knitting little mitered squares from leftover sock yarn.  We call them "knitting potato chips" (betcha can't knit just one!).

April brought funk and panic. And lots of meetings with the career counselor, wherein I totally decided I did not want to continue in the same path and that I needed a career change.

May I started to relax and unpack and look for a new job/career.  And wash and wax my parents' trimaran boat so we could get it in the water.

June I started to panic over the looming end of my severance and I started getting impatient with the negotiations on a new path.  Spun 2.5 pounds of carded Romney wool into three-ply worsted weight.

July was full-on panic mode, with nothing concrete on the radar.  Lots of stress-knitting.  More garter stitch.  Sailing.  Negotiations.  A one-day trip to Texas for an interview.

August I finally got contracts signed on my new career!  Getting going on the new work, and then left for two weeks on the vacation we've been planning for 3 years - the North Channel in Lake Huron.

Now it's September, and I'm home again, and trying to get back into the work groove, having left in the middle of the ramp-up.  I like what I'm doing now, I work from my home office (good and bad, depending on the day!) which I converted from the guest bedroom in the new house.  I've been getting rid of excess stuff, as this house is about 1/3 the size of the old one, with no basement and a third of the garage space.  But it's cute - a 1929 bungalow in an old vacation-home area.  It hasn't been totally brought up to date like my neighbors' houses have, but that's the investment part, right?  Buy the least-improved property in the area and bring it up to par?

But one of the things I've noticed in this new career is the lack of community and coworkers to chat with leaves me with too much to say and no one to talk to...therefore I'm talking to you, if there's anybody left out there. And if not, then I'm just talking to myself.  But at least I'm not trying to talk to my clients about knitting and spinning projects!

No matter how I look at it, though,  Life is good!


Laura K said...

Glad to see you blogging again! Interested to hear more about the new job.

Mel said...

She's back!!! I've missed you! We have both been horrid at communicating, which is sad. WOW!! You win on the crazy year and I am keeping everything crossed that things go LESS crazy as the year winds down. What is your new career?? Luv to you and munchkin and welcome back to the blogging world

Dan said...

You've been on my mind lately, and something told me to check your blog recently. I'm so glad I did. You've been through so much this year. I'm glad everything seems to be settling down and working out for you. WE NEED TO CATCH UP.