Thursday, February 14, 2013

Plugging Away

I'm keeping busy, that's for sure!

It's amazing how much extra time you have in your day when you don't have to drive 2 hours a day for work.  Of course, working for myself, that extra 2 hours often gets sucked into work time.  But I wouldn't swap for a corporate nine-to-five again, either.

Life is good!

I've been doing a ton of knitting, cranking out three stranded hats and two stranded mitten sets for Christmas, as well as a couple of ear bands for gifts and a pair of socks for me!

I had to design the teeny ladybug mittens for my niece. They match the hat.  He momma calls her "Ladybird".

Her big brother got Spidey designs.

And my other niece, whose momma calls her "Bee" got bee-designs.  Another set of original design mittens to match the hat.

I knit nine mittens to get four useable mittens for the girls. Unfortunately, they are too small, so I'm starting over and re-designing and re-knitting them.  Again.

It's OK, though.  I took a break from little mittens when my cousin's baby shower was coming.  I used Elizabeth Zimmerman's "Baby Sweater on Two Needles" otherwise known as the "February Baby Sweater" from Knitter's Almanac.  When I found out she was having a girl, I knew exactly which stash yarn I wanted to use: this lovely cotton/wool I picked up at Allegan a few years ago with no plan, but knowing it was perfect for a baby girl. I don't have any pictures with the buttons on it - they're pretty iridescent pink.

This sweater was so much fun that when I found out at the shower that another cousin is expecting, due in June to have a boy, I cam right home and started another.  Another stash yarn, also from Allegan, in perfect "boy" colors. 

I'm almost done with a hat, halfway through another pair of socks, and have 2 sweaters and 2 afghans in the works. Kiddo and I have started spending the last hour or so of every evening listening to audiobooks, and I knit while we're listening.

And back to the day job!  I love the flexibility of it even though I often work until 7pm on Fridays as my clients work to wrap things up for the week (and we're not all in on time zone).

I just wish the cats would let me work without their help.

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knutty knitter said...

wow! You have been busy! I'm into socks at present as winter is coming up soon and all ours have holes and been mended rather a lot.

I like the ladybirds very much :)

viv in nz