Friday, March 31, 2006

Friday Morning Blur

I have little to nothing new to say. I have been fiddling around with yarn, and have cast on but not committed to anything new except a catnip toy to replace the one the cats have all but destroyed. They adore it, but the ratty thing has been loved beyond all recognition. Since I can't seem to commit to anything that takes longer than an hour, a catnip mouse it is!

There will be no knitting time tonight, as I'm workingthe fish fry at the school again. And tomorrow morning I'm doing a brick (bike/run). Don't ask me why it's called a brick when you train two of the three sports of a triathlon in one day, it just is. And let me just say: Wednesday's swimming post-meet hurt!

But I did buy new sock-knitting needles. Nothing special. Just plain old cheap aluminum sock needles. But you know what the best part is? Each needle in each set is exactly the same size as every other needle in the set!!

Why is this such a big deal? You might ask. You might even state the seemingly obvious: every set has every needle all the same size.

And I would have to say: nope.

The Opal socks hate me because of the lovely antique knitting pins I've been using. Rmember those? I mentioned them back when I showed the picture of starting them... and I believe I said something along the lines of: I haven't measured them with calipers yet....

And therein lies my problem.

Each and every one of those lovely and unique pins is different.

This is not something that has ever caused a distint problem before, as I've only ever used these particular needles for knitting socks one-at-a-time. Use the same set of needles, whatever sizes they are, and both socks are the same. No matter if they're off-spec. Whatever. If you use the same needles for both socks, they'll match. Period.

But I didn't. I grabbed two sets of seemingly size 0 pins and went at both socks at the same time on different needles.

And one sock is about 1/4 inch wider than the other, and 1/4 inch longer, too.

The stitch and row counts are identical.

So what do I do?

I almost gave them away, half-finished, to another knitter.

I'm threatening to frog them and make them into baby thingys for one of the new ones (other) people are expecting.

They hate me.

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