Wednesday, March 29, 2006

It happened again...

I started something new before finishing anything old.

Thing is, I'm not sure I'm going to keep it. I even described it as "playing with yarn" last night. (And the colors are way more muted than that. More navy-ish, gold, and rust.)

(Yeah- like that!)

Anyway, I've been itching with startitis lately, even though I'mnearly done with the Rippling Waves scarf. Maybe it's because the Opal socks hate me. I've ripped more on them than on any pair of socks I've ever made. I'm about to rip out the feather and fan. I've gotten further along, and it really looks odd with the stripes.

I'm threatening them with ripping them completely and making them into something for one of the new babies on the way. (Several people, all within a year of each other).

Maybe they want to be baby stuff. That's why they're fighting me!

In any case, I'm about to throw them aside (again, did that twice before they were properly started!!) and move on.

There are times I enjoy the challenge, beating back the difficulties to produce a beautiful garment despite all odds. Painstakingly knitting and ripping and knitting and ripping and proudly inching along.

But these are supposed to be a simple pair of socks! For crying out loud, this is too much work for my "easy" project! For a simple pair of mindless roundy-roundy socks!

I do not get joy out of knitting enough stitches in one pair of socks to have made two pairs. Period. Socks for me, are about product. With the easy mindless portable process thrown in as a bonus. I don't want to spend a month knitting the same stinking pair and still not be done.

Can you tell I'm getting irritated here?

So I cast on. And I'm not exactly happy with it, either.

Maybe I need to finish the scarf first.

Maybe I need to make something summery.

Maybe I need to frog the socks.

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