Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Fiber supplements...Who needs 'em?

My diet has had an abundance of fiber lately.

  • Finished the Fiddlesticks scarf over a week ago, but haven't blocked it yet.
  • Finished a sock from Schafer Anne, and started the second.
  • Started a sweater for me. Holy cow does knitting go fast on size 9 needles with sproingy yarn!! I'd forgotten, having spent the majority of this year playing with laceweight and sock!
  • Abandoned the Mystery Project as Too Itchy for the intended recipient.
  • Spun ~6oz of Lorna's Laces roving into over 550 yards of 2-ply sock/fingering weight. Love it!!
  • Pulled out some alpaca for a gift for my cousin who very generously gives of his time and energy on a regular basis to mentor my son. And fondles the alpaca yarn when he's over.
  • Started spinning some dyed alpaca so fine my Little Boy had to come over to the wheel to see it. Gorgeous, and I don't usually go for dyed alpaca!
  • Worked on the weaving loom some more: found 2 missing nuts, and replaced all the tie-ups. Getting there! It actually might weave soon!!!
  • Pulled my original spinning wheel out of storage and set it up. Needs oil and TLC, but I have to decide if I want to keep it or not. I don't really care to spin on it anymore. I really like my Schacht!

Starting tomorrow I'm on Long Holiday: Little Boy is out of school for three days, and I have no daycare anymore. So I took some time off, and we'll be hanging out together. Tomorrow night my older brother and his girlfriend and coming to spend the long weekend at me house, and I'll finally have my chance to corrupt...er...teach her to knit and/or spin. Little Boy leaves Friday morning to visit his dad. And I start Thurdsday morning at Boot Camp at my mother's gym. The kick-off is the Turket Trot in downtown Detroit, followed by 4 hours/day at the gym for 3 days over the holiday. She signed up both me and my younger sister (who does triathlons with Mom...on my racing bike).

Should be interesting, overall. I have made it quite clear I am planning to hang out this weekend. No crazy shopping, no running around, no finding all the best restaurants...just stay home by the fireplace, do some yoga/stretching, talk, and enjoy the company.

Life is good.

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