Thursday, November 09, 2006

Moving Right Along

I'm finally down to one pile in the living area of the house!!!! There's a pile of papers and things around my little desk that need to be sorted, filed, and/or shredded. And that's it. I spent one entire Saturday cleaning the basement. And I mean CLEANING. You could eat off that floor when I was done! (I love my FloorMate!!) Everything organized and shelved, and things put in the proper spaces, open space for the Little Boy to play in... Lovely!

Then I spent last Saturday cleaning the entire house. Upstairs, downstairs, piles, you name it. I cleaned from 7am to 4pm, pretty much non-stop. And the house wasn't the dirty to begin with! I eliminated boxes and piles and messes and all those spaces where things pile up and drive me crazy.

It's down to the desk and the garage. The garage is a project in and of itself. It's everything that was in my storage facility, the things I PAID to have stored for the last 2 years, the things I haven't really missed. And it's all sitting in the space where my minivan should be parked. Blah.

And there's money on whether or not I'll be able to park there before my December birthday. Gotta love male siblings and parents!

It's my next big project.

After the 60 hats I promised to make for the Boar's Head Festival, a local Madrigal-type event here on the Island that only happens once every 4 years. I have piles of fabric and trim sitting in my van, riding around with me, waiting to be made into hats. Hopefully I'll get them cut out and going this weekend. Thankfully, they're almost all boring Middle Ages-style hats, and nothing too intricate.

I'm one-and-a-half rows from finishing the Fiddlesticks scarf. And procrastinating. There's close to 3000 stitches left in those 1.5 rows! And just a note: it's taking closer to 500 yards, not the 400 listed on the pattern.

I'm almost done with one Schafer Anne sock. I've knit and ripped 4 different patterns, I finally knit the whole thing in stockinette, and I love it. I'm going to give it a picot edge and be done with it. The colors are so beautiful, any pattern I tried competed with the colors. It's much nicer in stockinette.

I've been spinning a ton lately. I bought some beautiful roving online a while back. It's Lorna's Laces roving, and I'm spinning it into a fingering weight 2-ply. Socks, maybe? I'm enjoying the process, anyway. Re-kindling the old spinning flame. Loving the Schacht!

I'm packing up all that wool (remember the wool? I cleaned it all summer!) and sending it off to be processed. There are absolute piles of bags of wool in my bedroom right now. Scary. Even scarier? I want to lie on them and enjoy their softness.

Tomorrow's a holiday (there really are some perks to working for the government!) so I expect to have something to report soon! Maybe a FO?

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Mara said...

Congratulations on getting down to one pile! I wish I were as dedicated to that effort as you are. All the same, I think I'm making progress slowly with the house projects that I have, so I will try to be happy with that.