Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Tonight is the Night...

...Such a beautiful night....

OK. It's the opening night, and I still have hats to make, call is in 90 minutes, and I'm getting weird. So why am I blogging?????!!!!


Rain, rain, everywhere is rain. It's chilly and very very wet. And I get to walk across the wet wet backyard to get to the church where this whole production has been set up. It's gorgeous. I can hardly believe what they've done to the place! All the natural beams and wood that was already there has been supplemented and augmented to make a most amazaing set. I'll try to get some pictures posted tonight or tomorrow. I've been taking them, and I enjoy it.

The spinning demo is great. I've been moved to a small dias that's set up like a view into a Medieval parlor, and I sit up there next to a table with candles, and spin away on my fabuous Shetland fleece I bought just for the event (Link to come later...but well worth it!) The wheel is my old antique, the one with attitude, and I don't use it very often. But it seems to really like the Shetland, and I'm making s lovely, fine consistent yarn with the dual coats of the fleece just drafted together. I'm not carding or combing or anything, just teasing the locks open, and spinning right from the lock. I'm so pleased with the result!

But now I'm going to go, and get some hats done, and then get myself and my child off to the event!

Wish me luck!!!!

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Happy birthday!