Monday, January 15, 2007

Sixth Day

Tomorrow I return to work.


This is my sixth day home. With the Little Boy, of course. We were home Wednesday by 10:30am, and he hasn't been back to school yet.

I finished about 430 yards of fingering-to-dk weight 2ply yarn from the last 4 ounces of Lorna's Laces roving I was spinning on in November-December. And I made more of the fine singles I was making at the Boar's Head festival, hoping tof get enough to actually make something. I had to fight with the old wheel again. It threw the band no less than 4 times in the half hour or so that I was spinning, but then, it's old, so I'll give it some slack.

I knitted on Little Boy's new socks for a while, and turned the heels. Legs, and they're done! These have been really fast!

I spent almost all of Wednesday and Thursday holding him in his fever. (When do I get it??) He didn't even come back to nearly-full energy until today.

Oh yeah! I cleaned my basement laundry room, which hadn't been done since I moved in! I did SO many tiny little loads of handwash items from the moldy house, batching them by color... It's a jungle in the basement right now, with all the hanging items.

And of course: no photos. I ran out of the lab on Wednesday to get my sick child, and left my camera sitting on the lab bench next to the instrument I was photographing. And haven't returned to get it yet.

Photos will be coming, after tomorrow. Assuming no more calamities. (And no more we-expect-ice days!!)

Don't you hate when they cancel school for ice/snow that doesn't come? If you're the parent, I mean. Here I was all set for one of those rare and precious days, the kind of day that comes once, maybe twice a year for the single working mom: a day home alone with the child in school. And they snatched it away from me! One moment I had it, and the next, it was 5am and my phone was ringing to tell me school was cancelled today!!!!

Oh the pain! The loss! The precious, precious day!!! I'm grieving the loss of my beautiful, wonderful, quiet day! Instead, I had two boys! He had a friend over. Which does make it a little easier, if not quieter. At least he wasn't making me wish I could change my name to something other than "Mom".

But I have a clean house, clean laundry, and I caught up on a few things I had procrastinated on for way too long. And once again, I enjoyed stayidng home far, far too much.

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Chris said...

Good job on working in this weeks zone!