Monday, April 09, 2007

I have a blog?

You know how sometimes you give your all and just manage to keep up with the important things? When the dishes don't always get into the dishwasher daily, and the mail piles up on the counter, and the cat hair accumulates in the corners and makes it look like nobody lives in your house? And you fall into bed exhausted every night, glad to ahve just made it through one more day without a catastrophe?

Yeah, it's been like that.

The bills are paid, we have clean clothes to wear, the cats aren't starving, we have food in the fridge.

I feel like I'm playing a game of perpetual catch-up. Not quite like Sisyphus, but still not making progress, nonetheless.

I'm fighting near-daily headaches, some migraines again. I'm knitting. I sewed yesterday (altered my cousin's prom dress). But 12 hours isn't enough sleep in a night. Exercise makes my fatigue worse. And blogging? Let's just say I have enough trouble logging into email one every 2-4 days.

On the new computer.

My trusty notebook computer is on its deathbed - faulty motherboard. Three months out of warrantee. Woo and hoo.

So instead of paying off debt, my tax refund bought a new notebook computer (one with a harddrive bigger than my ipod's...) and I've been attempting to transfer all my data and files and music from the old one to the new one. Not an easy task when the CD-writer is flaky and only works when the motherboard feels like letting it. Adn of course, being new I'm dealing with the new Vista operating system. I don't have a valid copy of Windows XP for this computer (my old copy was licensed to my old computer) so I'm stuck with it for now. I will say it's pretty. I reserve judgement on the functionality until I get more accustomed to the layout and where things are. But I do laugh alot at the concept of my PC thinking it's a Mac :) (yes, I know the underlying language and programming are significantly different, but outwardly it behaves quite similarly).

So far, no major problems. I had trouble at first getting it onto my home wireless network. That was resolved rather quickly. I'm slowly putting all my "normal" software on the Vista platform, and watching how it behaves before I add any more. But it appears to have taken my music library quite well - I made a set of backup disks for my music using the iTunes utility, and "restored" the music to the new computer, leaving me free to delete everything from the old computer, therefore not infringing on any copyright issues. The two systems duplicated my music only long enough for me to verify that the transfer worked.

I've also been redecorating my living room and dining room. Anyone who saw it before knew what it looked like. (sorry, no before pics) As my mother put it: it looked like an apartment. Nothing was coordinated, and all of it was simply pushed against the walls to keep it out of the middle of the room. Everything got moved around, and it's so much more comfortable now. I was given a rug for the dining room that matches things I already have, borrowed a carpet cleaner, and scrubbed both it and the ivory rug in the living room. Put some art on the walls, change the focal point, and Wow! I have a home, not just a house!!

I bought some fabric to make new curtains for the rooms (Mother-Approved) and other coordinated fabric to make pillow covers. I found a couple of throws the right color to toss over the bright green hand-me-down chairs. It looks like I meant it!

Knitting: yeah, I'm doing lots of it. I'm ripping, too. I've been wandering from project to project, working with extreme monogamy for a while, than wandering off and cheating with some other new project that just managed to catch my eye.

But no pics.

My Little Boy has been a handful lately. Spring is here (in theory - it's 30F today) and he wants to play. When he's supposed to be in school. Spring break is either going to relieve his ants-in-pants or aggravate it.

Can I have a Spring Break, too?

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Beth said...

Are you o.k? I was thinking about you today. Haven't heard from you in a while and am a little concerned.
Are you still sleeping over for Galina?
Kate from may be too. Yay!