Thursday, May 03, 2007


Is anybody out there?

Have you all left since I abandoned you?

I'm sorry. I really am. It's just that I've been not feeling well, and when I come home from work, I want to do nothing more than go to bed. I don't have the energy to do anything else.

Even blog.

I have been knitting, however. I finshed a sweater, but don't have any pictures. I'm over half done with an alpaca shawl, but haven't taken pictures yet. I finshed another pair of socks for my Little Boy, but guess what? No pictures.

Are you sensing a theme here?

I've been wandering around the blogosphere a lot lately, and getting some great inspiration and ideas. I'm trying to live more frugally, more green, amke less of an impact in my daily life and creat less waste. I'm trying to remove myself from the consumerist mentality as far as possible.

It's not easy.

Little Boys want new toys, and comic books, and cell phones (yes, cell phone!) and all other manner of excess, advertised crap that permeates American society.

I want a quiet, slower life, with fewer possessions to care for, quality things when we do have them, and to recycle as much as possible.

Which has led me to clothing recycling lately. Can I minimize my consumerist impact by recycling clothes and/or making them myself? The answer, as I'm finding online, has been yes and lots of folks are doing it! People all over the world are refashioning old clothes and making them fresh and new. I have lots of ideas for ways to remake things that I don't like into clothing that fits me better. Similar to the alterations I used to do, but changing them into new styles, as well.

But I'm tired. Exhausted. I've been to way more doctor appointments in the last month than I would like, but at least they're looking. I'm pretty OK with the treatment I've been getting - it's thorough. It's a little stressful at times, but I don't dwell on it. I have fantastic friends and family who are helping tremendously. Thank you!

Oh, and one last note before I finish up for now: anyone coming to visit needs to use the toll bridge. The county (free) bridge is closed until December-ish.


Beth said...

I'm glad to hear from you. I haven't wanted to be a bug by emailing you again but I've been thinking about you.
Get better please.

Mara said...

Good morning! I hope that the bridge closure hasn't been too much of a headache for you. I heard that there were waits of 2 hours just to get onto the island in the evening a few nights ago. Has that been reduced?

Rest assured, you have not been forgotten. *hugs*

Renee said...

Best wishes! I've been wondering about you.