Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Catching Up to Myself

So I'm beginning to see a light at the end of the Tunnel of Exhaustion.

I'm also finding photos I took and replacing the ones I lost with needing a hard reset on my new Palm/phone/camera. Bummer. Love the new device, hate the fiddly-ness of trying to get everything syncing properly with it and two computers (it holds all my work info, as well as my personal info).

BUT - looky! New socks for the Little Boy, aka Batt Boy!

Again, and as usual, he chose the yarn himself. Once again he chose Colinette Jitterbug, this time in the Jay colorway.
While I love knitting with this wool, I find it a bit too squooshy for little boy socks. He tends to felt the heels very quickly. I don't know yet how this will affect their long-term wear, or if it even matters, seeing how fast he grows. Only time will tell. And it is most definately NOT wool-sock weather right now!

I have several other newly finished projects, but I only have the latest started one to show you:

I'm using Fiber Trends "Field of Flowers" pattern to make a shawl from my own handspun yarn!!!

It's the Shetland I spun in December for the Boar's Head Festival, and I am love Love LOVING the knitting. I hate purling, and every other row on the main border is a purl row, and I'm still cruising through this knit. That's how much I love knitting with this yarn and pattern.

My other new obsession lately has been spinning.

Drop spindle spinning!

I bought a new spindle, a gorgeous top-whorl made by Greenwood Fiber Works. I'm spinning bombyx silk, and getting tons of yardage from a tiny little sample! Thank you Beth!

I have more going on than this, but I have nothing more to show right now. Just know that life is good.

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Renee said...

Glad to hear you are emerging from the tunnel of exhaustion. It must be so satisfying to make something from your own handspun - even if you do have to purl a lot ;)