Tuesday, September 11, 2007


On a similar note to our recent discussion, No Impact Man has a fabulous post on the recent evolution of our disposable culture. He makes some great points about how it can be changed to a less throwaway mindset.

Are we part of the problem? Or are we part of the solution?

Are we teaching our children to throw it away or fix it?

Because we're not just talking about that one toy. When you tell your child "it's OK, it's broken, just throw it away" are you not just telling them "it's OK to waste, it doesn't matter if you fix it or take care of your things, there's an endless supply of other things to be had"?

The supply is not endless. It does matter whether or not you take care of your things. And what you teach your children about it is important. If you don't agree, then stop and think about how many of the sayings you were taught in childhood have stuck with you. The values you learned as a child...

They stay with you for life.

What do you want your child to remember when s/he is 30?

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Kate A. said...

I think crafting is a great way to share/teach this idea without being didactic about it. Since crafting is enjoyable in itself, you almost don't realize all the wonderful values that seep in with it...until they become internalized and they're just *there*.

and thanks for the link!