Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Hostile Environment

I've been informed by my boss that the decoration on my desk is creating a hostile environment.

He thinks she's too provocative.

I think he took the recent harrassment training too strongly to heart.
And yes, I do keep a tea set on my desk at work. Don't you?


bellamoden said...

The fuck? It's a m&m jar. Dude.


Kate A. said...

I keep a very fully loaded tea *cart* next to my desk at work. But by "desk at work" I mean desk at home. M&Ms would be an improvement, too...

BTW - I just love the whiteboard in the background with just the word "Theory" visible in the center. And capitalized. Hee. Deep. :-)

Kate A. said...

Ha! I can also see your glass water bottle in the picture.

You know I've been trying to get one of those things ever since August and I never came across one again before I left? Won't be likely to find one in Moscow, either, though I think I can get some other kind of glass container that will do.

historicstitcher said...

The board actually says:

"I want to live in Theory.
Everything works there."

Though I changed it this morning to read:

"The paradox of being an optomistic pessimist with imagination: the glass is half empty, but you can think of countless ways to fill it."

It changes every day or two to reflect whatever new quote I found that strikes me.

Kate A. said...

Awesome. Completely awesome.