Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Getting frustrated

Crazy, crazy week.

Yesterday morning, the front desk called my office to tell me that someone noticed my van tire was low. I went out and check, and it was almost sitting on the rim. With a big gash and a chunk missing from the sidewall.

Two hours and $236 later, I have two new tires on the front drive wheels, a much-needed oil change, and a happier van.

Last night, Chaka bit my Little Boy for the first time. Ever. And I don't know why. He didn't break skin or anything, just kind of gave the cat-equivalent to a warning shot across the bow. Not sure for why, though. Weird.

And Chaka brought a pile of toys to Boy's room overnight, possibly as an apology. He's a 12 year old cat, with only half his teeth, and a few peculiarities. But biting was never one of them. Could this be a sign that the cats no longer consider Boy to be a baby?

Today I woke up to 4" of snow.

And had 2 straight hours of meetings before I even got to sit down and drink my one and only cup of coffee for the day (half-caf, mocha, made at home).

Now I have eight hours or so of editing a paper (again) before I can go home and call it a day.

But, I have some pictures to share!
And I can't seem to get them into Blogger today.
If you're in Ravelry, check out some of my projects - there are new pictures. Everyone else: imagine flowing waves of handspun soysilk knitted into a drop-stitch scarf draped artisticly across my spinning wheel in the natural light of the north-facing window in my living room. Imagine a low, angled shot of the same scarf stretched across a white wool carpet, stitch definition of the jewel colors in high contrast to the stark, flat carpet.
Sorry. It's all I can do right now.

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morgan said...

what a day!

(but I am envious of the snow, we're having a snow-less winter and my daughter asks for it regularly, and I would love to see a white world...)