Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Tying up ends

I declared this to be the year of finishing unfinished projects. Of all sorts.

So I'm (finally) posting the pictures of a finished object I've worn quite a few times already.


This is knit from handspun soysilk purchased at the Spinning Loft one day when I showed up frustrated with the tussah silk I was trying to spin. Beth started handing, no... throwing bits and pieces of fiber at me, calling out their names some of the time, but not always. And started helping me reach the yarn I wanted to spin. At the end of the day, though, I refused to leave without the absolutely gorgeous purple/turquoise/rose fiber she threw at me last. It spun like I thought silk should, and make a fine, even, smooth yarn. I was hooked. On vegetarian silk (no worms were harmed in the making of this silk...)

So...long story shorter, I finished it, loved it, and then looked at it for a while. What in the world was I going to knit from it?

I played with it, and Clapotis won. Easy. Shows off the yarn. Allows for the drape that soysilk has (light, yet heavy at the same time). And I could knit until I ran out of yarn without worrying too much about pattern repeats. And the colors, that somehow turned into repeats of wide, gently changing stripes, would have free reign to do whatever they were going to do.

The result? Very wearable, often worn.
And I love how the beginning and ending corners don't match the rest of the scarf. They're the beginning and ending of the spinning, where I was using up whatever leftover bits hadn't been spun yet. considering I did not planning whatsoever, just grabbed it and spun, and eyeballed the two bobbins...

Not too shabby.


Missy said...

gorgeous Erika! I wish I had feelivison on my puter! I hopped over from WardRefashion. I am from The Great Lake State too :-)

morgan said...

my next big project, without a doubt, I just need to find the right yarn for it...
you did a great job, fantastic colours, I can understand why you'd love to wear this one ;)

monica aka gloria patre said...

Your handspun is breathtaking! What a perfect project for it to strut it's stuff!! Congrats! I'm envious! wish mine looked like that - sigh!