Saturday, June 14, 2008

Attack of the Teens

So last week my friend Stephanie "loaned" me her Ukrainian exchange student for a day. I needed a sitter, she needed something to do on a weekday now that school is out and a little spending money for gifts to take was a good fit.

And Dana and Toby seemed to get along quite well! I wish we'd tired this before the end of her stay! She goes home next Thursday. Bummer. For both of us. Because she discovered my weaving loom (in plain sight in the living room).

Dana shared with me the fact that her grandmother's weaving loom is still in her house, and that they spend summer-time there, where her dad keeps bees. And since no one is left who knows how to use the loom, he had decided to give it to a museum.

We fixed that. In a marathon 9-hour learn-to dress-a-loom session today. We didn't get to the actual weaving part, but she now knows how to measure a warp...

And chain it...(doesn't she look like a pro here??)
She was quite proud of her work today! She wound off 260 ends, 22 yards long!!! (I had started it, and she finished.)
My warping mill is in the basement, because it's so big. But I like my basement, it's half-finished, and heated, and has A/C, and good's a nice place to work. Especially in summer!

We moved upstairs, then, to the weaving loom, where she got an introduction to the anatomy of a loom, how to tie up, and how to dress it.

She worked hard to thread the ends through the reed for winding on.

We wound the whole thing on before her ride arrived to take her home.

Dana has the makings of an excellent weaver. She enjoyed the process, which is quite amazing since we never got tog the fun stuff! But she likes the tedious attention to the yarns (as I do) and the calming threading.

She might be back on Tuesday to weave while I'm at work.

But I said attack, didn't I? And teen was plural?


My little brother's in town.

And he's having a barbeque and bonfire. He wanted to do it at our parents', but Mom called him from her bike trip and chewed him out for waiting until she was out of town to throw a party! And since he was to be home alone tonight, there would be no chaperone.

So Big Sister (that's me) told him he could have his friends stay an hour later than his dad said he could, if he had the thing here.


But it's better than ticking off Mom. I just need to wander out there, beer in hand, and check how they're doing once or twice. And make sure I'm the only one with beer. (He's underage).

ETA: late-breaking news!!! They moved the party to "someone's house in Taylor". I assume that means no mean Big Sister, and a later shut-down time. Whatever - as long as I'm not the one responsible! He's over 18. And now I don't have to stay up late!!!

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Anonymous said...

I certainly did read him the riot act about having a party with both parents out of town! YOU know that is totally against house rules!!!!

I appreciate all you are doing in my absence. every weed, cat, fish, paper, etc. I couldn't have done it without your support.