Sunday, June 15, 2008


I am SO tired and distracted. Too much going on, too many things to do in a day...

I finished plying "Murk", one of the hand-dyed tops from Julie. Took it downstairs to the laundry tub and put it in some nice warm water in a basin with Soak...

and promptly started a load of laundry.

In the washer that drains into the same sink I left the basin sitting in.

Did I notice? Of course not. I went upstairs and fell asleep on the couch for a few hours. It is Sunday afternoon, after all, right?

Not until bedtime did I remember the yarn.

And found the mess.

I thought about taking a picture of what I found down there, but I'll spare you the gore. Yarn in tangles...spilling out of the basin, sticking in the drain, knots and twists and...a mess.

With laundry soap and fabric softener, too. On a non-superwash wool. Under a jet of water from the washer drain.

Would you believe it survived????
I rinsed it out, and figured out the tangles, beat it against the sink (as if it were going to full any more than it already has!), and hung it to dry.

It's not murky, at all.

But it is the weirdest color of yarn I've ever spun. I intended to make socks with it, but now I'm not sure. I might not want to be caught wearing socks this color! Maybe a dunk in the dyepot pre-knitting?

Sorry, Julie - but my Little Boy thinks it's ugly. I'm undecided.

But it was wonderful nice to spin!!


Alwen said...

Ooooh, but at least on my monitor, I love all those greens and blues and grays. Sometimes I think my color sense is at a right angle to most of the world's!

You don't need about 100 miles of vintage tatting thread, do you? :)

Julie said...

I knew it was gonna be ugly, that's why I offered to send you something else, instead. So no offense taken. A good whack of Yellow 5, vinegar, and water in a crock pot should turn it more brown. Or Red 40.

Stay away from Red 3. It is evil.

Good luck.

highflyinsm said...

I love this yarn, I have say. I think the blues and greens are gorgeous!!

Someday my spinning will be that smooth and I will be ready for color roving!