Sunday, June 08, 2008


So I went to the llama farm! The back of my van is still full...and I rejected close to 20 fleeces on the grounds that they were "too wiry" for handspinners to enjoy.

I am quite the discerning fleece procurer. I opened every single bag and felt the fleece, ran my hands through looking for dreadlocks, and got absolutely filthy on the farm.

It was wonderful.

I'll share fleeces and start putting fibers up for sale as soon as I get to processing them. Cuz look what wandered into my house this morning!!!

She's a big one! Makes wonderful, fluffy, huge batts!

Of course, I have none to show you yet. The first one already looks like this:

It's not a whole lot, but it sure was fun! Batt Boy and I experimented with cotton and wool, and got a super-soft, fluffy, strong yarn. He asked for a sweater made out of it, and wants to produce the batts himself for the sweater. We'll see. I'm not really inclined to make a rough and tumble BOY a sweater out of art yarn I spin myself...

Would you??


Elzevier said...

what is that magical machine called?

Alwen said...

I probably wouldn't, but mainly because mine never wears sweaters!

Julie said...

A drum carder. YOU HAVE A DRUM CARDER.

That's it. I'm moving in. I'll bring the books.