Thursday, June 12, 2008

Sweatin' to the Mower

I have been SO crazy-busy lately, I can't even catch up to myself! I don't think I've spun for more than 15 minutes total since Sunday!

Tuesday I mowed and wee-whipped over at my parents' house, since they were both out of town. Mom's still biking across the country, and her Husband went to visit her in Illinois. Leaving me to care for the yard, cats, fish, mail, and newspapers.

Oh, yeah, and my house, kid, cats, and yard, too.

So I've been working all day, then going to their house to take care of things, then coming home and taking care of laundry, cats, kid, showers, and supper, before getting up and doing it all over again.

I'm so glad tomorrow is Friday. I need a break. I mowed my yard after work today, but still have to weed-whip. I'm too tired to do it today, but it needs done soon! Some of those weeds are gaining on hip-high!!

And the thistles are moving in again.

If I'm not back by Tuesday, send in the Rescue Squad.


2Cats said...

Hi! Saw your comments on the Yarn Harlot blog. Try shopping at Eddie Bauer or LLBean online. I bought a pair of chinos at LLB in Medium Tall and they're too long and I'm 5'9"! I used to be considered tall. These days I'm not, my daughter will be at least five feet 11 inches. Good luck.
Beth aka 2Cats

Alwen said...

After the rain and the hot weather, I think I need goats to take out the brush along the path out there!