Monday, June 16, 2008

Like the memory of a bad date...

I thought we moving on. I thought we were beyond this. I thought we had parted ways and gone on with our lives.

But you can't, can you? You couldn't go quietly, you had to leave reminders behind to ensure I wouldn't forget you...

I won't you know. Even if I could, my son will not forget you - he talks about you every day! How much he misses you, how sad he is that you had to go.

But I'm the one who is truly haunted in your absence. I turn around, and there's a reminder of you. I catch a scent in the air and can't help but think of you! How could I??? Nothing else smells like that. Like you...

I had to do laundry tonight, and there it was! That scent! You left it behind everywhere you went, everything you touched. And it reminds me that you were here.

Anybody know how to get rid of the scent of cat urine????


Elzevier said...

you can try spraying vodka or vodka mixed with water - saturate and let it sit. Vodka works wonders on body-oder (costumer's trick) but I've never used it on cat urine.

Alwen said...

Hah! You got me, for one. I did laugh when I scrolled down.

Cat urine is the toughest. We stayed in a rental one vacation where the landlord had bought and renovated the house after the local 17-cat-lady passed away. They had completely rebuilt the bathroom, torn out the floor, put up new drywall, etc., but when you steamed it up taking a shower . . . yeah.

Nature's miracle or one of those enzyme/breakdown cleaners from the pet store. But on a good 90% humidity day, it will still be there.

Julie said...

if it is on something like wallboard or flooring, you can seal the scent in. My mother (who worked for vets for years) suggested white shellac, but these days there's probably something better. Ask at the hardware store.

Otherwise, um, for textiles, she suggested running them through the washing machine with, um, tomato juice and douche powder. (Works for skunk scent, too.)

Personally, I use dishwashing detergent mixed with sugar 50/50 for scent removal. I got the idea from a Hawaiian tuna fisherman who said it was foolproof, and so far he's right.

Good luck.