Sunday, June 22, 2008

No rest

On Wednesday afternoon, I picked up my child at the daycare, and he was lacking in that crazy energy he's usually exuding everywhere he goes...and said he had a headache and a belly-ache.

We biked to Mom's, took care of all the critters, then biked home. He didn't really enjoy it.

By 7pm he had a temperature of 102.8F and was sleeping.

Thursday, same thing. Friday, again.

Asked all the questions: head hurt? belly hurt? throat? hurt anywhere? Nothing. No rash, no energy, but nothing wrong except this fever.

Saturday morning I took him to the walk-in clinic at our Dr's office.

He couldn't find anything wrong, either.

So we've been home, since Wednesday afternoon.

And since the child ensconced on the couch didn't want me to leave him alone for more than a few moments (and I was waiting for the shoe to drop, but he never did vomit...), I played with the carder.

Actually, it was more like work.Sultan's cria was cut last spring. It was his first shearing, and is essentially his baby hair.

While I picked the fleece on Thursday I found it had a gorgeous range of color, and separated it into three batches - cream, silver, and brown.
Then I blended in some undyed tussah silk for shine. It hardly needed it, but it is SO soft!

These are all listed in my Etsy Shop for sale. Please - go get them before I decide to spin them all myself!!!

I don't need any more projects!!


Alwen said...

I'm safe, so far I don't spin! But man, does that look soft.

Fevers are scary. Hope it breaks and he feels better soon.

Gloria Patre said...

They look LUSCIOUS!! I think I may wander over to Etsy....