Wednesday, October 08, 2008

Return of the Living

I staggered back in to work today, partly because I wasn't "sick" anymore, but just exhausted (I was only up for 9 hours yesterday), and partly because I was down to 0.1 hour of available sick leave...and if I had to dig into my vacation time I would start compromising my trip to Rhinebeck next week.

Or did I forget to mention that?


My friend Sonya (the one I got into spinning at MD Sheep and Wool a few years ago) moved to New York, and well, can we really skip the opportunity to go play at another festival?? My trip to Atlanta in August (of which I never posted...sorry!) was such a fiasco with the airline that they gave me 2 free I'm going to risk them again. And head to New York City for a long weekend and a wool frenzy.

I'm knitting constantly on the Torso Sock, and reached the happy point where I can knit an inch of sleeve length in about an hour! And as I keep decreasing toward the cuff, it's only getting faster and faster!! I might actually have a chance of finishing this thing before the boat comes out of the water!!!

Then what?

I'm starting to have anxiety attacks over what comes next. Already. Do I card and spin the dog hair I promised to my aunt? Or work on the silk scarf I started in August when I was travelling? Something new? One of the Jade Starmore patterns I've been lusting after? Socks for winter??

It's a little overwhelming.

And I'm going to a wool festival next week??? Am I just a little insane?? Or a lot?

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