Friday, October 10, 2008

One crazy long week...

Can I be cloned, please?  I need to be in too many places, all at the same time.

I'm tired, I'm nearly falling sick again, and I have too many committments that somehow keep falling onto my schedule without my permission and screwing up the plans I make!

Anybody know how that happens??

If you don't hear from me again till Monday, have a great weekend.  Monday is a holiday for us US gov't-type peoples, so I'm hoping to get some pictures of my latest rummage-sale find posted and shared!

An antique Japanese silk reeling device.  The whole darn thing.  In working order.

I love the church rummage sales in my neighborhood!

Take a wild guess how much it cost?
The comment that comes closest to the actual price wins a prize!

What kind?
Silk, of course.


wenat said...

I'll bet it cost $2 -- it's amazing what bargains you get at rummage sales!

Alwen said...

::blink, blink::

You found a zakuri at a church rummage sale? Gad. I'm going to guess a dollar.

And it is amazing what you can get at sales. We got a $1500 Mettler scale for $15 because the people were tired of converting from ounces to grams.

Julie said...

I'm saying five bucks.

And I'm so jealous I almost hate you. You going into sericulture now? I hear mulberry trees need lots of sun.

Anonymous said...

My guess is 6.75

You are one lucky person....


highflyinsm said...

I'm going with 8 dollars. I'm thinking they A) didn't know what it was and B) thought it would need to be cleaned up and repaired. I'm also thinking you haggled a bit. :)

walterknitty said...

I'm guessing 15$. Your church rummage sale has much cooler stuff than the last two in my neighbourhood. Lucky duck.