Tuesday, November 18, 2008

I Forgot

In my own defense, the last time I got a new cat was in 1997, in Bloomington, Indiana.  

She was sick, has parasites, both internal and external, and required some pretty extensive care.  That was Isis, my assumed-Balinese kitty who still moves me to pieces and sleeps on my hip.  Causing extreme pain sometimes (you sleep with 11 pounds pressing on your hip bones every night!), but meant with love.  She's getting up there in age, but at the time, including having her spayed, I paid about $600 to the vet.

I'm having trouble swallowing the $340 I've already paid for the kittens to be checked out (they're healthy, thank God!), with more to come.  My geri-cats are both going in tomorrow to have their vaccinations brought up to date, since I let them lapse, with vet approval, for several years as they don't come into contact AT ALL with any other cats.  They are strictly indoors, and I'm pretty fanatic about keeping windows closed on the first floor when I'm not sitting there.  (Yeah, I'm paranoid.  So what?)  Then the kittens go back in three weeks for their boosters, and then again in a month for their neutering!

Just in time to suck up my Christmas shopping money.

But then, these kitties are exactly what my Little Boy has been asking for for several years.  I suppose he'll live with a Christmas light on material goods, right?

And a momma who's crossed the threshhold into Crazy Cat Lady status.

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