Monday, November 10, 2008

Silk Prize!!


You know how sometimes things get the better of your good intentions and decide to kick you in the rear instead? That's been life lately. Yup. I'm SO glad tomorrow is a holiday so I can stay home and get some progress made on things that have been left behind in the seat-kicking.

So. Silk.

Not a one of you guessed correctly.

But I'm not so mean as to deprive you guys of the promised silk!

So I counted how many comments I got on it, plugged that into a random number generator at, then used that number to grab the nth number from my email archive of comments, which gives them to me in chronological order, regardless of post commented on.

OK, it didn't need to be that complicated, but I wanted to be fair. And I'm spazzing out lately, between the Christmas crafting beginning, and being behind on, and having signed up for NaNoWriMo, on which I am also behind. On the plus side, I like my novel, I'm enjoying the writing of it, and I'm not wishing to quit (yet). On the minus side? I'm behind in my word count.
Feel free to encourage/chastise/taunt me based on the stat counter I put at the top of the page. where you all can see it clearly and easily.

Have fun.

Are you still waiting to find out who won the silk contest? Yeah, well I dragged you through my muck anyway. If the silk is worth it, you have to kill a few worms, right?

Based on the random number generator, Mary gets to choose whether she'd rather spin silk, or knit it.

Or should I let you guys choose for her?

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Gloria Patre said...

Congratulations to Mary! BUT - you still didn't tell us how much! What's up with that ?? :o)